Steffi learning the methods of the mountain from Sascha.

On the hike back up at Schattberg, Saalbach, to make our winter training story for some outdoor magazines. 

Anton Thelander in search of the Northern Lights.

Whitestyle @ Leogang

Not too many big names heard the call this time. There are many theories, but maybe it’s because slopestyle mountain biking isn’t in the Olympics. If it was, it would probably be the best mountain bike event in the world… and sponsored by Carlsberg instead of Monster. I mean Red Bull… It’s that now. Nevermind, cycling on snow? What’s next, skiing on mud? Swimming in lava!? Base-jumping in space!?? Jesus. Well actually just to explode the non-secret, White Style is in fact conducted entirely on carpet. Why not ‘Carpet Style’?! Why do you think.

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Living the mountain life, Saalbach, Austria

Winter Volcano Riding - La Palma with the Germans of Atlantic Cycling

Wonder Wall

What it’s like to eat scorpions and ride bikes on the World’s most incredible landmark…

Semenuk hits his brown-pow pillow line so close to clean.

2013 Rampage Biggest Crashes

Some of the features created and conquered this past event were simply beggars belief and I can only attempt to assure you - through the inadequate power of the written word - that in the flesh everything genuinely is that much bigger, that much faster and that much more likely to make you sick in your shoe at the sight of it.

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme… it’s Rampage time.

Austrian Mountain Tetris
Triangles are my favorite shape, 3 points where 2 lines meet… Let’s tessellate - Alt J
This afternoon, blocks of riders came flowing down the hill and slotted neatly into place as if in a giant game of mountain tetris, for the final seeding run of the season. Some blocks fitted into place much better than others, most notably, an awkward Atherton octagon came to rest uneasily in third, while a star-shaped Smith settled nicely into top spot. Just 3 points now separate the pair in favor of the Canadian. Mick Hannah goes to bed feeling warm and fuzzy tonight, snuggling in between the two rivals, forming the ultimate man-wich at the top of the pile. Elsewhere, lady Atherton did the business once again, but with Ragot hot on her heels for a second time, under 2 seconds back…